Falcon Wanderers Volkssporting Club
P.O. Box 17162
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-7162

Official Club Documents
Constitution (PDF - 8 Mb)   as of 10-Oct-2017
By-Laws (PDF - 2 Mb)   as of 10-Oct-2017
Operating Handbook (PDF)   as of 11-Dec-2017

Official Club Forms (as of 15-Dec-2017)
Copyright & Accident Notification Box   
SEA YRE Booklet Donation   
Business Cards   
Club Patch   
Officer Signatories ENT Account   
FW Proxy Form   
Club Stationery   
Volkssporting Information Book   
Membership Application 10-1-2017   
Officer Volunteer Position Worksheet   
Membership Card   
Welcome to Volkssporting Membership Application   
Membership Record   
Membership List - Microsoft Excel   
New Member E-mail List Invitation   
New Member E-mail Changes   
Membership Renewal Letter - 70+   
Membership Renewal Letter - Complementary for workers   
Membership Renewal Letter - Under 70   
Welcome New Members - 70+   
Welcome New Members - Under 70   
Membership Renewal E-mail Reminder   
Membership Renewal Listing for Newsletter   
Membership Statistics   
Membership Trends   
Membership List Output - Microsoft Word   
New Walker Packets and IVV Books Reorder Form   
Event Workers List & Instructions   
XX Events in 20XX Booklet   
Brochure Worksheet   
Award Worksheet Guide   
Event Brochure - Award   
Event Brochure - Credit Only   
Guidelines for Traditional Event Coordinators   
SEA YRE Quarterly Turn-in Report and Instructions   
Event Workers Summary   
YRE SEA Report X Qtr 2018.doc   
SEA YRE Event Registration Log - Credit Only   
FW SEA YRE Participation Report 2018   
Checkpoint Start Number Verification Worksheet   
SEA YRE Event Registration Log - Award   
Discounted Tickets Program   
Doggie Books
Doggie Books 10 Events   
Doggie Books 25 Events   
Doggie Books 100 Events   
Get Well Card   
Sympathy Card   

Last modified:  January 5, 2018