Falcon Wanderers Volkssporting Club
P.O. Box 17162
Colorado Springs, CO 80935-7162

Official Club Documents
Constitution (PDF - 8 Mb)   as of 10-Oct-2017
By-Laws (PDF - 2 Mb)   as of 10-Oct-2017
Operating Handbook (PDF)   as of 11-Dec-2017

Official Club Forms (as of 15-Dec-2017)
Copyright & Accident Notification Box   
SEA YRE Booklet Donation   
Business Cards   
Club Patch   
Officer Signatories ENT Account   
FW Proxy Form   
Club Stationery   
Volkssporting Information Book   
Membership Application 2019   
Officer Volunteer Position Worksheet   
Membership Card   
Welcome to Volkssporting Membership Application   
Membership Record   
Membership List - Microsoft Excel   
New Member E-mail List Invitation   
New Member E-mail Changes   
Membership Renewal Letter - 70+   
Membership Renewal Letter - Complementary for workers   
Membership Renewal Letter - Under 70   
Welcome New Members - 70+   
Welcome New Members - Under 70   
Membership Renewal E-mail Reminder   
Membership Renewal Listing for Newsletter   
Membership Statistics   
Membership Trends   
Membership List Output - Microsoft Word   
New Walker Packets and IVV Books Reorder Form   
Event Workers List & Instructions   
XX Events in 20XX Booklet   
Brochure Worksheet   
Award Worksheet Guide   
Event Brochure - Award   
Event Brochure - Credit Only   
Guidelines for Traditional Event Coordinators   
SEA YRE Quarterly Turn-in Report and Instructions   
Event Workers Summary   
YRE SEA Report X Qtr 2019   
SEA YRE Event Registration Log - Credit Only   
FW SEA YRE Participation Report 2019   
Checkpoint Start Number Verification Worksheet   
SEA YRE Event Registration Log - Award   
Discounted Tickets Program   
Doggie Books
Doggie Books 10 Events   
Doggie Books 25 Events   
Doggie Books 100 Events   
Get Well Card   
Sympathy Card   

Last modified:  December 17, 2018