Falcon Wanderers Volkssporting Club
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Colorado Springs, CO 80935-7162

Chapel Hills Mall Seasonal No photos available
Special Programs: Walking the USA, A-Z
Walking the United States (50 States/51 Capitals)
Doin' the Louisiana Purchase
Ice Cream Parlors
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Distance:  5 & 10 Kilometers (3.1 / 6.2 miles) Walk
Rating:  1A
Seasonal:  January 1 through March 31
Start/Finish times:  6:30 am to 11 am
Starting point:  Remote Registration only (see Directions)
Directions:  Mail Registration and Waiver Form with payment (payable to: Falcon Wanderers) to: Curtis Converse, 4971 Horseshoe Bend Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. Driving directions and walk instructions will be sent to you via e-mail or USPS mail.
Event info:  Mall is climate-controlled and has smooth, hazard-free walkways. Trails are rated 1A. Altitude of 6035 ft. Strollers and wheelchairs are highly recommended. Pets are not allowed. Restrooms are available at the start/finish and throughout the mall. County: El Paso.
POC: Curt Converse ten.knilyrutnec@esrevnocdc 719-591-8193