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Air Force Academy Seasonal Photos   courtesy of Curt Converse
Special Programs: Walking the USA, A-Z
Walking the United States (50 States/51 Capitals)
Distance:  5 & 10 Kilometers (3.1 / 6.2 miles) Walk
Rating:  2B
Seasonal:  Daily, April 1 through December 31, 2020
Start/Finish times:  Public access: 5:30am-10pm. No walking in inclement weather.
Starting point:  Loaf 'N Jug, 161 North Gate Blvd. (Two volksmarches register here.  Ask for the Academy volksmarch box.)
Directions:  From I-25, take exit 156 (Air Force Academy/Gleneagle). Proceed east on North Gate Blvd less than 1 mile to Loaf 'N Jug at the corner of North Gate Blvd & Meadowgrass Dr (on the right).  SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Seat belts are required on the Air Force Academy. 2. Keep to the posted speed limits. 3. No Hand Held Cell Phones. 4. Watch out for joggers, bikers, deer, and other animals. 5. Make sure you have at least 1/4 tank of gas. The Academy has no public service stations. 6. Smoking on the trail is prohibited.
Event info:  At the start/finish, you will pick up a map with driving directions on how to get to the walk trailhead.  The trail route is hilly and will include some dirt trails, roadsides, and sidewalks.  It has been rated 2B, because of the hills and altitude (7,280 ft).  Large wheeled strollers can complete this event.  Wheelchairs are not recommended.  Leashed pets only!  Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their animal.  Restrooms are available at the start/finish and along the trail at Arnold Hall, Visitor's Center and the Field House.  County:  El Paso.
POC: Curt Converse ten.knilyrutnec@esrevnocdC 719-591-8193