Falcon Wanderers Volkssporting Club
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Colorado Springs, CO 80935-7162

Chapel Hills Mall Seasonal No photos available
Special Programs: Walking the USA, A-Z
Walking the United States (50 States/51 Capitals)
Ice Cream Parlors
Distance:  5 & 10 Kilometers (3.1 / 6.2 miles) Walk
Rating:  1A
Seasonal:  January 1 through March 31
Start/Finish times:  Opens 8:00am, Monday–Saturday; 9:00am, Sunday. For the benefit and convenience of all, please try and walk as early in the morning as possible. Walking during the mall's retail hours is discouraged, but may be feasible.
Starting point:  REMOTE REGISTRATION ONLY. Request a registration and waiver form via USPS or e-mail from the POC (for mail requests, please include SASE). Curtis Converse, 4971 Horseshoe Bend Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80917, cdconverse@centurylink.net, telephone #719-591-8193.
Directions:  Mail Registration and Waiver Form with payment (payable to: Falcon Wanderers) to: Curtis Converse, 4971 Horseshoe Bend Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80917. Driving directions and walk instructions will be sent to you via e-mail or USPS mail.
Event info:  Mall is climate-controlled and has smooth, hazard-free walkways. Trails are rated 1A. Altitude of 6035 ft. Strollers and wheelchairs are highly recommended. Pets are not allowed. Restrooms are available throughout the mall. County: El Paso.
POC: Curt Converse ten.knilyrutnec@esrevnocdc 719-591-8193